Sweet Bites

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Sweet Bites
Author: Alyxia
Publisher: mymy
Genres: Romance
Language: English
Pages: 12
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Throughout her first day at university, she have crossed path with the one and only gangster of the Haven University, Kim Sunghoon, the only son of the owner. In an unexpected moment, the day she thought she would never get to experience came hitting her like truck and that was being kissed by some random guy infront of many people. Who diid that to her? It’s the gangster himself, Kim Sunghoon. It was part of a dare that he just made with his friends and it happens that it was Yuna whom his friends randomly pointed at. He accepted it without hesitation and to his surprised, the girl he just dared to kiss was the only girl who could dare to fight him back. Where would be that kiss could brought them?


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