Tips to Sell High Quality Digital Content

Remember to always...

1. Be the Originator of Awesomeness: Your digital product should be a unique expression of your creativity. No worries, we’re all about celebrating originality here!

2. Interactive and Gorgeous is the Way to Go: We’re not just about functionality; we want your creations to spark joy. Make your digital product interactive, beautiful, and a joy to experience.

3. Top-Notch Quality: We love pixel-perfect perfection. Ensure your product is polished, error-free, and provides a seamless user experience.

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On this platform, you won’t just find the secrets to presenting your remarkable creations; we’ll also delve into the craft of developing top-notch digital products, such as captivating eBooks. To ensure your product gets the approve, make sure to adhere to all these recommendations. Click here if you want to start over.

If your product face rejection, it’s worth noting that the issue may not always lie in the content itself but rather in how it was presented. Click here to display your product correctly.

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Attractive preview (important!)

People is judging your product just by looking at your product preview!

Author’s name: Make sure your name, the genius behind this masterpiece, is proudly displayed in the preview. Let your readers know the creative mind they’re about to embark on a journey with.

Title Tease: Your title should be clear, captivating, and far from boring. Think of it as love at first sight – your title should make the heart skip a beat.

Visual Vibes: Spice up your preview with visually appealing elements. Don’t hold back on colors, graphics, or anything else that makes your eBook visually stunning. A little eye candy goes a long way!

No Plain Jane: Plain previews? Not here! Inject personality into your preview. Whether it’s a snippet of your engaging content, a charming introduction, or a sneak peek into the heart of your product, make sure it’s anything but plain.


In design section of Canva, choose

Element –> Search “Book mockup/Phone mockup/Desktop mockup”

Showcase on All Devices: Take your potential readers on a journey. Create mockups of your eBook on a smartphone, tablet, desktop – you name it! Let them visualize the seamless experience your creation offers across different devices.


Easy-Peasy Mockup Magic: Don’t worry; you don’t need a degree in graphic design. There are plenty of user-friendly tools out there that can help you create stunning mockups in a snap. 

Table of Content

Include a Table of Contents! It acts as a reader’s roadmap, offering easy navigation through your creation, making their journey enjoyable and showcasing the thoughtful structure you’ve crafted. Most writing tools make it simple to add. So, let’s make your eBook even more enticing and reader-friendly!

You might display this in your preview image!

Give them a glimpse of your product

Glimpse of Greatness: In your preview section, showcase a tantalizing glimpse of your product’s brilliance. Whether it’s a captivating image, a snippet of your content, or a snapshot of what makes it special – let it shine!

Watermark Wisdom: To add that extra layer of protection, consider watermarking your preview image. It not only safeguards your creation but also adds a touch of professionalism. Think of it as your digital signature on a masterpiece.


Sharing a bit about yourself not only builds trust but adds a personal touch to your product or course.

The Magic Behind Your Name:

Briefly introduce yourself. Who’s the wizard behind this creation? You might display your face or an avatar or just name.

Your Promise:

Let potential buyers get to know the face behind the brilliance.

Let them know what you aim to deliver through your creation. What can they expect to gain or experience? A little preview of the journey they’re about to embark on.

Give testimony or tell your gratitude

Express Your Gratitude: Did someone send you a virtual high-five or a heartfelt thank-you? We’re all ears! Share the warmth by sending us notes of gratitude to your buyer.

Testimonials That Shine: Encourage your happy customers to share their stories! Share some testimonials, sharing what they loved most about your product or how it’s made a positive impact on their digital journey.


Hyperlink (Recommended)

Consider adding hyperlinks to your content! These clickable wonders not only enhance interactivity but also elevate the overall reader experience. Link relevant sections, external resources, or references to weave a seamless and engaging narrative. 

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