How to write FYP Thesis for Beginner Easy Guideline

Getting Started

Let’s begin by understanding what an FYP thesis is and how you can write one step by step.

What is an FYP Thesis?

To start, what’s an FYP thesis? It’s a big research paper you do in your final year of college. It shows that you can do research and explain things. This is important for your college journey.

Is an FYP Thesis the Same as a Thesis?

Some people wonder if an FYP thesis is like other theses. It’s a bit different. FYP theses are not as big, but they’re still important. They help you learn and get ready for more school or work.

Writing a Great FYP

Now, let’s explore how you can write a great FYP thesis with some simple steps.

Research for Your FYP

Before you start, you need to do some research. It’s like collecting information to help you write your thesis. You can use tools like Mendeley and Google Scholar to find information easily.

The Format of Your FYP Thesis

Next, you should know how to structure your FYP thesis. There are different parts like the introduction, literature review, methodology, data analysis, conclusion, and references. Using a template can make it easier.

Step-by-Step Writing Guide

To help you write your thesis, let’s break it down step by step:

    1. Start with a clear thesis statement.
    2. Do thorough research.
    3. Organize your findings in a logical way.
    4. Write a detailed literature review.
    5. Explain your research methods.
    6. Analyze the data you collected.
    7. Make meaningful conclusions.
    8. Don’t forget to edit and revise your work.

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Do’s and Don’ts

As you write, there are some things you should do and some things you should avoid:


    • Stay organized.

    • Cite your sources.

    • Ask for feedback.


    • Copy others’ work.

    • Wait until the last minute.

    • Forget to proofread and edit.

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Your research might use numbers or words. It depends on what you study. It’s important to choose the right way to analyze your information.

Where to Find Help

If you need help, there are resources and guidelines available:

    • Look for ebooks or online guides.

    • Consider using resources from elicit.

Graduation Requirements

Remember, writing your FYP thesis is often needed to graduate. Check with your school to make sure you’re doing what you need to do.

Malaysia Format and IPTA vs. IPTS

In Malaysia, universities have their own rules about how your FYP thesis should look. Be sure to follow the right format for your university.

ChatGPT and the Thesis Process

New technology like ChatGPT can help you write your thesis. It can give you ideas and help with your research.

Good Thesis Statements

A good thesis statement is the heart of your thesis. It tells everyone what you’re going to study. Here are some examples to help you understand:

    • “This study looks at how climate change affects farming in Malaysia.”

    • “We’re studying if e-learning helps students learn better.”


In the end, writing your FYP thesis is a big task, but it’s also a great chance to show what you’ve learned. Stay organized, ask for help when you need it, and remember to edit your work carefully.

Now, you have a clear and simple guide to help you write your FYP thesis with ease. Good luck!

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