Plagiarism Panic? Hold up! Let’s Do Real Research

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Plagiarism Panic? Hold up! Let’s Do Real Research
Author: Ruzlaini Ghoni
Genres: Information/TIips
Language: English
Pages: 49
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Ever felt like plagiarism was copying sentences without quotes? Or maybe data fabrication is just a fancy term for fudging a few numbers? If so, you’re not alone. Navigating the world of academic integrity can be tricky, especially for newbies. But trust me, friend, that innocent shrug towards “borrowing” a bit of text or tweaking a result can land you in ethical quicksand.
Seasoned researchers, too, can get caught in the trap of overlooking minor missteps. That casual “copy-paste” from a colleague’s paper or the “rounding up” of a decimal point might seem harmless, but they’re all stepping-stones to full-blown cheating. This book is your guide to untangling the knots of academic misconduct, showing you the pitfalls hidden in plain sight. Let’s ditch the shady shortcuts and learn how to stand tall academically with every word and every number earned through honest effort. Because a tarnished reputation isn’t a souvenir anyone wants to collect. Let’s build a brighter academic world, brick by ethical brick!


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