Infographic Murabahah

Infographic Murabahah
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Title: Murabahah Explained: Your Shariah-Compliant Finance Solution

Welcome to our infographic on Murabahah, a straightforward and Shariah-compliant financing option that’s easy to understand and use.

1. What is Murabahah?
– Murabahah is like a transparent purchase agreement where you know exactly what you’re paying for.

2. How Does Murabahah Work?
– You want something, but you don’t have all the money upfront.
– We buy it for you and then sell it to you at a slightly higher price.
– You pay us back in installments, which include the original price plus our profit.

3. Who’s Involved?
– You: The buyer who wants the item.
– Us: The seller who buys the item for you.
– The item: What you want to buy.

4. Murabahah’s Perks:
– No hidden fees or interest.
– You can pay in installments.
– It’s all based on real, tangible assets.
– Fully compliant with Islamic principles.

5. Why Choose Murabahah?
– It’s transparent and straightforward.
– Makes buying big-ticket items more manageable.
– No interest involved, which aligns with Islamic beliefs.
– Reduces financial risks for both parties.

6. Murabahah in Action:
– Buy a house without worrying about interest.
– Get a car without the burden of conventional loans.
– Helps businesses acquire goods without resorting to interest-based financing.

Murabahah is your friend when it comes to making big purchases without compromising your values. It’s simple, transparent, and fully compliant with Islamic principles. Whether you’re buying a home, a car, or stocking up for your business, Murabahah has got you covered.

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